Who are we?

Tom Moyer

Tom is retired, after a 30 year career with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police.  For the final  11 years of his career, he was assigned to the  SWAT Team as the Crisis Negotiation Team Coordinator, where he was responsible for the daily operations of the CNT.  He was trained in tactical and negotiation operations.  He has responded to over 500 call-outs.  He has worked in assignments at the academy training new officers, detective in background investigations, patrol and corrections officer.  He has also instructed at the department’s CIT Program along with providing training to the department’s academies on communication skills. Tom has trained various Federal and Local Agencies, and has presented at negotiator conferences across the United States and Canada.
He served 10 years in the USMC and reached the rank of E-6 (Staff Sergeant). Tom has training in the area of criminal justice, instructor development and varied areas related to police operations.  Tom is a current board member for the Western States Hostage Negotiators Association (WSHNA).

chris white

Chris started his Law Enforcement career in 1992 as a Law Enforcement Specialist in the USAF.  In 1997, he became a Police Officer for the Henderson, Nevada,  Police Department.  During his career, he worked many assignments and saw many things.  In 2000, he was selected to join the Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT).  He responded to approximately 300 call-outs and  talked to many people (over the phone, through a P.A., and face to face).
He began teaching Hostage/Crisis Negotiations in approximately 2002.  He started out providing quarterly training for his team and that soon blossomed into teaching blocks in basic schools. He has since provided training (basic and advanced) to local, state, and Federal agencies.
As his career progressed, he saw that training was his true passion. He found that he was most fulfilled when he could share information with a group of people who were eager to learn.
In 2012, he and Tom decided to take their passion for training to the next level and started Desert Training Group.  Their goal was to continue what they were doing, but on a larger scale.  They have been very fortunate to train some of the best Hostage/Crisis Negotiators in the nation.
Chris retired from the Henderson Police Department in 2019.  Chris has a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice Administration.  Chris is a former board member for the Western States Hostage Negotiators Association (WSHNA).