on-site training

Basic Crisis Negotiations

Basic Crisis Negotiations is a five-day course focused on the underlying principles and skills needed to be an effective crisis negotiator. This course is designed for those wishing to become Crisis/Hostage Negotiators, as well as experienced negotiators wishing to refresh their existing skills. Course content is delivered through a balanced blend of lecture, instructor-led class discussion, and scenario-based practical exercises.

The lectures in this course will provide the attendees with a solid foundation in:

Fundamentals of Negotiations

-Incident Assessment

-Suicide/Crisis Intervention/De-escalation

-Active Listening

-Positions/functions of a Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT)

-The tactical role of negotiators

-Negotiating with the mentally ill

-Third Party Intermediaries (TPI’s)

-The stress involved in Negotiations

The attendees will integrate the lecture content with the realities of crisis negotiation by evaluating actual case studies and discussing the successes and failures of the negotiation teams. 

Attendees will participate in verbal exchanges and scenario-based practical exercises to apply the lessons learned from the case studies.

The course culminates with a full negotiation practicum on the last day. This practicum is designed to fuse all the learned crisis negotiation knowledge and skills.