Strange Times!

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With the impact of the Corona Virus, the world seems to find itself in a strange place.  Here in Nevada, “non-essential” businesses are about to close for 30 days by order of the Governor. The Strip is going DARK! This response mimics others around the US as well as the rest of the world.    

How do people cope?  Large amounts of people are going to lose their jobs, their income, their livelihood, their dignity.  This will likely overwhelm the coping mechanisms for many, resulting in some sort of Crisis.  

Many Law Enforcement agencies are cancelling training for their personnel in order to mitigate the spread of the virus.  What does this mean for the needs of the professionals that will respond to the calls for help?  This remains to be seen.  There must be some way to bridge the gap in order to maintain readiness.  

We must forge a new path to keep up with the challenges of today and make sure the people we rely on are ready to deal with the challenges ahead.

Be safe out there!  We appreciate you!!

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